Arkansas, California, Colorado, Elk Hunts

Arkansas – No Discounted Hunts Available at this time.
Elk have been Transplanted in Arkansas and have reached hunt-able populations but it is very selected hunting.
This hunt has the rare Tule Elk for the hunter after his Grand Slam of elk
Remember Watchdog®   can promise you a licenses to hunt Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope and Moose in the western States for the Rest of your life, and Discounted Private Land Hunts, guided or DIY/Trespass Fee/Semi-Guided for the rest of your life.  Click on the Link for more details.
Trophy Mule Deer and Elk, High success, Low Price, DIY or Guided, Cabin or Tent Camp, many options and recommended to bring your own ATV or Horses. This is a unusual opportunity for Mule Deer and Elk, Extremely high Return Clientele rate which can make some elk hunts difficult to get.
Colorado, a Packin, DIY/Semi-Guided hunt, meals and lodging with the outfitter for tips and honey holes, buy you go out with your own elk skill and knowledge to hit those honey holes, with Elk Pack-in.. you will need it. This is the Highest Elk DIY/Semi-guided success hunt available anywhere.
DIY/Trespass hunt/Semi-Guided with low cost if you know how to hunt Mule Deer, Elk and Antelope. Up to 10,000 intermixed acres. Archery, Muzzleloader and Rifle Hunts. There are locals but the later seasons have the migrants for deer and elk coming in. 100% Success on Deer and Antelope. For elk it is determined by the mountains above it, snowfall level for the elk to migrate in.
Cabin Elk Hunt or Packin Drop Camp that won’t break the bank either!
Cabin with 3rd and 4th season being the best, private and public land, watch the waterline trail
A high Success Traditional Elk Hunt Pack-In, with a discounted price for Guiding, lodging, meals and short horseback hunt surround by the Rocky mountains and elk.
ow Altitude Hunt, Guided for Cows on a 7000 acre ranch. Or the main season are Archery, Muzzleloader, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rifle. Lots of local elk and as the hunt gets into later dates the migrants star coming in. This hunts have meals and lodging. You are hunting on a mesa full of Hay Fields, and scrub oak, with water sources every 1000 acres. Big Muleys are taken every year from 160 to 190. Multiple hunt combinations. Books up early. Low Impact Hunts from A Side-By-Side ATV.
Early Season 1 Point Muzzleloader or late season hunts, 4th for bulls and Cows-Low Altitute
Trophy Bucks
Hunt the big Bulls and Bucks. Guided, M&L Cabin ride each morning to where the elk are
Voucher included in the hunt price, and Trophy Elk.
Elk from a Lodge or a small cabin/tent, many options for the elk hunter
1. ATV Drive in Deluxe Tent Camp, private and National Forest. 2. Or 4th season either sex elk hunt Beautiful A Frame Lodging, in 3000 acres of private land adjacent to National Forest. 3. Guided Meals and Lodging Mule Deer Hunt 100% Success. 4. Also high Fence exotics, and Elk. You will come home with something on this hunt, guaranteed. Good buys for 2-4 hunters.
Walk into Deer, Elk and Antelope
Deluxe Cabin, private and public land, Local elk and migrants need someone that can shoot!
Late Season is usually the Best for Migrants.
Trophy Area Hunt
Low-Impact Guided Meals and Lodging in Trophy Unit. Great for Deer and Elk. Reasonably priced for quality animals.
Cabin with Private Land BOOKED
Cabin, Deer, Elk, Bear, its Everything You Ever Wanted Semi-Guided Hunt
Great Cabin with P&P land BOOKED
Cabin in high density elk are on the Migration Corridor that has been highly successful with a little Semi-Guided advice from the long time Owner and previous archer for elk, he knows how to talk to elk so well we call him the elk whisperer. The Hunt is semi-Guided so he can tel you the what where and why but come Saturday Morning you are on a DIY Hunt.
Cabin Hunt, with Private Land and Public land access for mainly Elk. No 4th season hunts, best in the early season depending on snow fall.
Shooting House
This year only! Shoot a Bull Elk, A Cow Elk and A Buck Deer all for the price that in the past was 1 bull elk. 1 of a Kind, Low Impact, 2 story cabin, with large windows to shoot out of. Then 3000 acres of limited Landlocked BLM Ground to hunt. Great for Elk and Deer, usually later seasons are the best. Deer Draw and Vouchers available. Good but limited 1000 Antelope Hunting Acres for a Semi-Guided Hunt.
Mule Deer and Elk Hunting Magic! There is 3000 acres of completely private ground that is surrounded by National Forest to provide a ever increasing number of Elk and Deer moving in for safety along with the “Girls” there  for the September and November Rut.
Repetitive Big Deer
Great Guided Deer and Elk Hunting with Meals and Lodging. Acres and acres of Alfafa and Scrub Oak. Deer 100% Success, can draw deer with 0 points, Vouchers available if needed.
Great either sex 1st season elk, limited in number, or 4th season either Sex elk, 2nd & 3rd good Deer hunting, low cost Lodging and Meals available near by.
13,000 Acres
A semi-guided low cost Deer, Elk and Antelope on Private Ranch. Late seasons the best, limited number of Hunters allowed. 2 Archers and 2 Muzzleloader Deer Hunters, main hunting is with Rifles.
Good S-Guided
Numerous Walden Ranches at different altitudes, different habitat, Semi-Guided good option for Elk 
Private Land Elk
Bull Elk, Cow Elk, Deer Antelope it is all here guided on private land High Success Rate
There is always a elk, deer and antelope on 20,000 acres it is just how many do you want.
Archery the Last 2 weeks of September for Deer and Elk. Great Mule Deer and Elk slots fill early every year, High Return Clientele.
Great price 30,000 Acres
Semi-Guided, with a Guided touch. Spread out, in Timber, Aspens, Hayfields, wheat, willows and everything in between. Low altitude so the best time is the later seasons for Deer and Elk, Local herd for Archers or Muzzleloaders. Good Guided Antelope Hunting.
Big Mule Deer, even Vouchers, Good elk, over the counter and experienced Outfitters
Low Cost Drop Camps
Extremely Insulated Tents, Good Meals, Guided or Drop Camp, Early Season Hunts to Remember
Low Cost Pack in Hunt
Packing for Elk in one of the Highest success areas in Colorado providing multiple Pricing Levels, Sharing the Flatops with 60,000 elk.
Elk and Lions
Quality Pack In Camps like this one are Rare with Large Deer, Elk, Moose and great Lion hunts to keep them off the deer and elk. Very successful hunts. Great pricing breakdown for different services, you only pay for what you need, from Semi-guided to Guided, meals and lodging.
Your group and be a mix of Guided and Semi-Guided in the same camp.
Quality Pack in Hunt
A Specialize Pack In Hunt for Elk with Low Cost Drop Camps in the Golden Elk Triangle. Mule Deer are also a option. Easy to Draw deer licenses and Elk licenses. No 4th season hunts. Monsters taken every year.
Cabin and Packin
Trophy Bulls at timberline and Alpine bowls Lowest price for Guided Bulls over 300 Inches
around, with Multiple deer hunts on National Forest and Private Hay fields. Books up early every year large return Clientele.
Trophy Area
For the Trophy Hunter, Big Bull Elk, some other big Deer areas. Mostly Packin hunts.
Good for Elk and Trophy Bucks
RANCHING FOR WILDLIFE Ranching for Wildlife Elk hunts and Deer as Well, 1 year Wait 
for Elk and Longer for Big Deer. Ranch and non-program hunts on Private land.
Great Deer- 1 year wait
Great Hunts for Big Bucks and Big Bulls with the voucher included to get a license
Good Elk and Deer GuidedHunt to Remember
Trophy Hunts Only
Eastern Plains Trophy Hunts. Great Mule Deer and Whitetail, also Elk and Antelope in 5 separate GMU’s and multiple ranches. Usually booked 1 year in advance, Vouchers available if needed.
European Doves
Great DIY/Semi-Guided Colorado Eastern Slope elk hunt with meals and lodging and high success if you know the tricks of elk and know how to turn those tricks into success. BOOKED
5106 (Deer, Elk)   BOOKED
Note: In Colorado a Resident or Non-Resident can buy two elk licenses per year as long as 1
is a PLO Private land Cow elk License. 
Help to get you started in Elk Hunting at an Extremely low cost, you do the Research.
DIY Mule Deer Semi-Guided on Private land with lodging, you have the whole property to yourself. 0 Points required to draw a deer license, sometimes there is a voucher.  Elk during the 4th season. Good Price
Good S-Guided Low cost Hunt for early Seasons on multiple properties
Trophy Deer and Elk Lodging
Warm Cabin access to trophy area or LESS THAN 4 miles away by county road easy to draw area with Bull licenses Over the Counter for 2nd and 3rd Season. Some Mule Deer but better Elk Habitat. Good Prices.
Trophy Area, Low Cost DIY/Semi-Guided Elk Hunt w/Cabins, or Guided, meals and 
Lodging Pack-in. Also some Trophy Mule Deer as well.
Good Buffalo Hunt Good Meat Booked 
Low Price, Minimal Season Dates
Quality Hunts on the Eastern Plains and Mountains of Colorado for Buffalo
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