Alabama – Whitetail Deer

Have you ever heard of the huge delta deer located in Fosters, Alabama, and southern Tuscaloosa County? We hunt 2,500 acres of prime delta bottom land for big bucks there and we’ve been under a trophy quality management program since 1977! Easily accessible from Atlanta, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Montgomery, Memphis, Jackson, MS and New Orleans, LA – these deer offer a great big-game hunting experience. Unlike native Alabama deer, these are much larger in size and were transplanted down to the delta after the Great Depression. This robust breed of whitetail deer is still prevalent in the area and run about 100 pounds heavier than the native species, with much larger racks to show for it.

We also have several hundred acres in the famed Northwest Mississippi Delta offering a limited number of hunts (only 2-4 hunters per hunt). In Alabama we can host up to 6 hunters per hunt and use of rifles, black powder and bows are permitted in either location. For more information about these hunts click here!