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Fallow Deer, Sitka Deer, Catalina Goats, Muflon Rams and More
Arkansas – No Discounted Hunts Available at this time.
Aoudad, Fallow Deer, Sitka Deer, Catalina Goats, Muflon Rams 
Hogs, Catalina Goat, Spanish Goat, White Fallow Deer, Chocolate Fallow Deer, Spotted Fallow Deer, White Ram, Barbado Ram, Black Barbado Ram, Painted Desert Ram and Merino Ram.
Sheep & Ram Hunts
Sheep and Ram Hunting  with a wide variety of Sheep and Ram, many of which can be hunted year round. This is because the main target s are the males and unlike antlered game there horns don’t fall off in the winter. In this case they just continue to grow every day of their life.
Our hills are home to a wide variety of Exotic Sheep that make great trophy mounts. Listed below are some of our more popular Sheep and Ram hunts, but you will also see Barbarossa Rams and American Ibex among others.
  •     Texas Dall Rams
  •     Mouflon Rams
  •     Spanish Goats
  •     Black Hawaiian Rams
  •     Corsican Rams
  •     Jacob’s Four Horns
Enjoy the Walmart of African hunts and never leave the US. Many varieties of exotic African Game to hunt including various Antelope, Gazelles, and Wildebeests.