California – Hogs, Turkey, Deer, Bears & Fowl

California is hog country (among other great game) and we’ve established an excellent relationship with local land owners to ensure our hunters enjoy its beauty and bag real success in their trips. With that in mind we acquire properties that we manage and align ourselves with partners that allow us to keep our success rate over 90%. Hunting rates include:
Hog Hunting- Rates:
Turkey Hunts- Rates:

Guided and drop camp hunt for Blacktail Deer

• Wilderness Drop Camp Hunts – $303-776-7528 per hunter
• Columbian Blacktail Management Buck – $2,303-776-7528 per hunter
• Columbian Blacktail Trophy Buck – $3,303-776-7528 per hunter
• Columbian Blacktail PLM Trophy Buck – $4,303 776-7528 per hunter
• Northern California Black Bear Hunts 3-Day Hunt – $1,850
• 2-DayWild Pig Hunt – $700
• Bear and Hog (can be spot and stalk or with chase dogs) – 4-Day Hunt- $1,600

Guided turkey hunt price list

• One day California Turkey Hunt – $303-776-7528 per hunter
• Two day California Turkey Hunt – $650 per hunter
• All Hunts are One Bird; Additional Birds – $300
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