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Canada British Columbia -No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time
Canada Alberta
If you are looking for the Canadian experience in the outdoors, hunting and trapping, this hunt  is for you. Hunt what you want and run the traplines with the outfitter, a 1 or a kind adventure.
The rule in Canada is the farther west you travel in Canada the bigger the moose get. Then the farther you travel north in Canada the bigger the moose get. When you get to the Yukon in Canada or Alaska the moose are big but the price tag gets even bigger. In the Yukon or Alaska $1400 to       $ 1800 is a common price for a moose hunt. We have he a trophy moose hunt at the top of Alberta on the northern border we have big moose just south of the Yukon but the the prices are reasonable in Canada. This trophy hunt is only $7295
For Moose, Black Bear and the highly prized Mountain Caribou Newfound is the place. High Bear populations only rivaled by the high Moose population. The Mountain Caribou highly prized by those trying to fill their Caribou Grand Slam come here because this is one of the last places where they have number high enough to be hunted, and with the numbers comes the trophy quality.
Canada Manitoba-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time  
Canada Saskatchewan-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time  
It is Spring Bear Time and for trophy Bear hunters Canada is the place since it is the wetest country in the world. Bears are in the Hog family and hogs and bears both like water. What is even better about these big bears it is the place that I find the largest color phase bears in the World ! Once you have shot a Black Bear your goal is to shoot a large Color Phase Bear or Cinnamon, Blonde, Redish, and many other colors. This is the place to hunt if you are wanting a big Color phase bear. If you want just a big Black Bear, that is what absorbs the other 50% of the bear taken by this outfitter.
Canada Ontario-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time . Onterio currently has a low moose population and as for bears you can only hunt them in the fall, there is no spring season in Ontario.
Canada New Brunswick-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time but some are coming in for Moose, Whitetail Deer and Black Bear.
Canada Quebec-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time. The Caribou have fallen victim to Indian, Wolf and political pressure to the point that hunting is a thing of the past as of this time.
Canada Newfoundland/Labrador
The Mountain Caribou of Newfoundland id about the only Mountain Caribou available to hunt today. The Mountain subspecies have dwindled across Canada leaving NF the place to go.
There is a simple reason why Newfoundland has more moose than people, because it has so much moose habitat to fill with moose and very little people habitat to fill with people, but they are working on it and every year it is getting more and more difficult to get in on a moose hunt with the average wait 12 months to get on a hunt to bring home those famous Moose Antlers that are prized by everyone.
Canada Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time
Canada Yukon-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time
Canada Northwest Territories-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time
Canada Nunavut-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time
Canada OTHER-No Discounted Hunts Available at this Time
Moose + No Predators = Great Newfoundland Moose Hunting
If you are thinking about going to Newfoundland moose hunting, you will not be disappointed. With moose hunting success rates running close to 90 percent, you are most assured of filling your freezer. There are a lot of moose in Newfoundland… more than 120,000 of them.
Successfully introduced in 1904, the Newfoundland moose population has exploded. With no natural predators on the island the moose has become an invasive species and troublesome at best. There have been many vehicle collisions with moose on the island, so many in fact that in January 2011 a class action lawsuit has been launched against the government.
In 2002 almost 28,000 moose licences were issued to Newfoundland moose hunters, using a success ratio of 90 percent, this means close to 25,000 moose were harvested that year. This number represents about one third the moose harvest in North America. Approximately 10 percent of these moose licences are issued to Newfoundland hunting guides for non-resident moose hunts.
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On the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador, the overall quota for moose in 2011-12 is 33,440 which is an increase of 5020 over the previous year.
Non-residents may hunt for moose in Newfoundland, but only with the assistance of a professionally licensed guide. If you are considering Newfoundland for moose hunting, there are many reputable guides and guide outfitters on the island, a quick search should turn up a quite a few. Be advised to use our checklist for choosing a hunting guide to be sure you get the most for your money. You will want to contact guides early in the year to book the best hunts as these will sell first.
The Newfoundland moose hunting season is a long one, running from near the beginning of September to late January of the following year… likely, the most generous moose season in Canada.
If harvesting a moose with antlers is important to you, ask your guide what time of year you should be booking your hunt to be assured your moose will have antlers. It is quite possible to hunt for bull moose after their antlers have already been shed for the year. Moose hunts in Newfoundland are generally going to be for bull moose although cows and calves are also available for harvest.
Before embarking on any moose hunt be sure you have the appropriate hunting supplies along with you. This applies as much to a do it yourself (DIY) hunt as it does to a guided hunt. Check with your moose hunting guide to see what hunting equipment is needed for Newfoundland moose hunting, if you are a DIY moose hunter you may find it useful to use our recommended moose hunting supplies list.
Moose hunting in Newfoundland is not without its challenges. It is a cold and wet climate to be sure; and you must go prepared to put in some effort for your moose. Although your guide will do his best to make your hunt a memorable one, it is up to you to bring the right attitude and be able to hit the mark. Make sure, before you leave home you have practiced with your weapon of choice and can hit a 10 inch pie plate at any distance you are comfortable shooting at.
If you and your guide work hard at the task of finding moose, it is not uncommon to see 25 moose a week while Newfoundland moose hunting. The classification of Newfoundland trophy moose make up 30 to 40 percent of the moose harvested throughout the moose season; these are good odds by anyone’s standards.
The bull moose in Newfoundland have antlers that spread on average 30 to 50 inch class. Although these majestic beasts are not as large as their Alaskan counterparts they offer a challenging hunt just the same.
Moose hunting is always a memorable experience. Watching a bull moose walk through the forest with his huge antlers swaying back and forth like a giant pendulum is a thrilling experience, especially if he has come to one of your moose calls. How exciting would that be! Go to Newfoundland moose hunting and feel the adrenaline rush.